Can the Human Mind harness Quantum principles to engineer Synchronicity?

(Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics & Consciousness club )

Meeting November 16th at 7.30 (entrance £5) ...see new venue!


What is a Synchronicity or a Coincidence? ( A talk with visuals by Jazz Rasool, a scientist with a background in Astrophysics and Consciousness Research presents an idea and an experiment)

How do they relate to Serendipity or what some people call Luck? Are Synchronicities and Coincidences random or is it possible to 'load the dice' and get some things to happen in favour of your intentions?

Quantum Physics has often been referred to as highlighting the possibility that human thoughts can affect how reality unfolds.
If thoughts affect reality then why doesn't everybody get what they think about more often?

What do we need to do to affect reality by our thoughts in the way that Quantum Physics suggests? Do we even need to refer to Quantum Physics?

Can't we just get our act together and realise our life's possibilities through willpower and strategy alone?

Come along to our new central London venue, The Exmouth Arms ( 2 minutes from Euston , Euston Square & Warren St tubes - at 1 Starcross St NW1 2HR - first floor meeting room ) - see Google map via link ) Meeting starts at 7.30 but you can come along any time earlier for a pub meal or networking chat 7 for 7.30 pm .