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Philosophy for Children !

"Since philosophy is the art that teaches us how to live , and since children need to learn it as much as we do ,
why not instruct them in it ?" Michel de Montaigne

Philosophy for children (P4C) website

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The Scientific and Medical Network

An educational charity delivering courses, events and publications on interdisciplinary ideas
in science, medicine, philosophy, consciousness and spirituality.

Challenging Dogma in Science - video (there are 6 clips)

Dr Bernard Carr Lecture (Cosmos, Creation & Consciousness)

Interlinking Black Holes, Quantum Theory, Time & Other Worlds (Dr Carr)

Rupert Sheldrake website ( Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry)

The Annual International Conference for
 Consciousness and Human Evolution

As Science and Spirituality move closer humanity is advancing into a new
 epoch of understanding as new paradigms of thought and consciousness
 are reshaping our concept of life, unveiling a grander scheme in which
 we can all participate as co-creators of our world starting with ourselves.
 Join teachers at the forefront of a global evolution on a journey from
 Quantum Physics to Mysticism and be a part of the future of mankind.
Central London venue - see wesite

Dr Mark Vernon ; Philosopher, Theologian,Teacher , Writer

Consciousness & Synchronicity With DAVID LORIMER: .An excellent teacher who is also (among other things)
president of the Wrekinn Trust & Programme Director of the Scientific & Medical Network .
Practical & inspiring seminars & more


“Ignorance is the curse of God; Knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.”.


Respected, encyclopaedic cultural & occult critic (& ex rock star!) His many highly readable books are
a great intoduction to the "Unknown" & to Esoteric ideas, thinkers & paradigms , past & present;.from a very sane perspective.

Rollright Stone Circle

Can you  count the stones and  get the same number again ? It is said that one cannot accurately
count the stones and that a different tally will result. Beat the legend !
( we have done it three times & can tell you how ! ) ..

HEYTHROP College - Philosophy and Theology in the heart of London

The specialist College of the University of London offering full & part-time degrees in Theology & Philosophy.

We also hold Conferences on a wide variety of topics open to the general public

Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?


...may have those answers for you

50 Glocester Place, London, W1( nearest tube Baker St) 020 7653 9815

Lectures, publications, tapes.
 Maintaining Traditional Wisdom
through the Arts & Philosophy

Tel. 01233 813663


Toledano Tradition Director & teacher Warren Kenton. /


RESEARCH into LOST KNOWLEDGE Oganisation Trust

Meetings held in Central London

The Swedenborg Society 
Tel 020 7405 7986

Swedenborg Hall 20 - 21 Bloomsbury Way WC1

Treadwell's Lectures, Events & Bookshop

specialises in the esoteric, pagan or otherwise religious

A warm welcome for book lovers, Chaise longue, tea,conversation,

Open seven days - noon until 7 pm. tel: 020 7240 8906

BBC programme "BEYOND BELIEF".... bbc.beyond belief