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"This is just what we need - The London Community Network ; sharing information & ideas & bringing people together  to help make  life  more meaningful & positive . I support them because they have vision. I support them because they have purpose "Benjamin Zephanaih
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Patrons: John Calder (publisher), Mark Rylance (actor), Benjamin Zephanaih ( people's poet).

In this potentially disruptive period of rapid change & stress often too much reliance on technology can weaken our mental discrimination which can then blind us to the dangers of being seduced by materialism or facile ideas. The London Community Network is aiming to respond to this situation , encourage more Independent Thought & introduce a touch more "Humanity" back into our lives.."Sapere Aude!" ("Dare to know” )

A friendly Disclaimer - We are very selective as regards which subscribers & their activities we choose to support but we may not endorse all the views expressed by them & their views are not necessarily representative of our own..

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